Experimental Gastronomy

“In an age of ever-increasing speed, the dinner table is the perfect place to slow down and share food that is made with integrity and purpose. Serving sustenance in handmade cutlery and vessels not only amplifies our experience, it allows us to develop a deeper relationship to food and with one another.”— Steinbeisser co-founder Martin Kullik

Coming this fall, Montalvo is proud to host the US premiere of “Experimental Gastronomy” presented by the Dutch creative collective Steinbeisser. For this unique dining event, renowned Bay Area chefs David Kinch, Corey Lee, and Daniel Patterson will come together to create a delicious plant-based menu with locally grown organic ingredients. To heighten the culinary adventure, the meal will be served on dishes and with cutlery crafted by some of the country’s most innovative decorative artists. The event will be a truly unique experience that not only showcases contemporary cuisine at the highest level, but also puts design, gastronomy, and nature in an exciting and inspiring context.

Artists Brian Weissman, Erin Daily, and Sergey Jivetin will craft the cutlery: peculiarly unpractical and yet unexpectedly usable pieces that combine old and new materials. Artists Ben Medansky; Erica Iman; Nate Mell and Wynn Bauer from Felt + Fat; Jessica Hans; Joseph Pintz; Julian Watts; Luke Shalan; Mitch Iburg; Toshiaki Noda; and Virginia Scotchie will shape quirky bowls and plates.

Please join us on September 25!