cropped-Daily_headshot.jpgErin S. Daily is a metalsmith who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally, and her jewelry can be found in galleries and boutiques throughout the country. In addition to making, Erin co-owns and operates Brooklyn Metal Works, a collaborative metalsmithing studio, exhibition space, and concept lab. At BKMW Erin continues to pursue her love of teaching and her fascination with new ways to develop the ideas and practices of metalsmithing. Erin received her MFA in Metal from SUNY New Paltz, and her BFA in Metal from the University of Kansas.


Artist Statement:

I am a maker of many things. My work is inspired by my curiosity about our material and cultural connections to the made world. At the center of this approach is my love of metal, my fascination with nature and geology, and my consuming interest in the human body and its varied relationships to objects. From the physical act of making, to the physical act of wearing and interacting, I find jewelry and metalsmithing an engaging art form on multiple levels. There are many stories to tell, and many discoveries to make, and my artistic investigations fuel my intense desire to know and understand the world through objects.

MATERIALS:  Metal, lacquer, paper, wood, bamboo, silk, minerals

TECHNIQUES: Metal fabrication, forging, carving, casting, enameling, lapidary

STYLE:  Considered surfaces, physical convergences, constructed nature

OBJECTS:  Jewelry, tableware, sculpture